The recent USS Pension Strike in the UK has revealed the ways in which private firms profit from higher education and how the marketisation of education is turning both universities and students into debtors.
50th Anniversary Blog Series

No 23: Welfare to Debtfare: Who benefits from the marketisation of higher education in the UK?

by Antonios Roumpakis The recent strike over the University Superannuation Scheme (USS) exposed how university finances are undermined by the continuing marketisation of higher education. One could ask how a dispute over pensions is linked […]

Children in the UK are more vulnerable to hunger than in other EU nations.
50th Anniversary Blog Series

No 22: Making hunger a thing of the past: an urgent priority for contemporary social policy research

by Hannah Lambie-Mumford and Rachel Loopstra Beveridge identified ‘want’ as one of his five evils, yet 70 years of social policy later,  we are confronted once again with the existence of extreme levels of ‘want’ […]