The Social Policy Association promotes teaching and practice in social policy, and works to enhance public understanding of the subject. We focus our efforts on:

  1. Monitoring and promoting the provision of social policy teaching in higher education in the UK
  2. Facilitating effective and timely response of social policy teaching to social issues and policy development
  3. Liaising with research councils, professional bodies and other organisations in the development of social policy research training
  4. Promoting social policy learning to people of different ages, disciplinary and cultural backgrounds
  5. Working with social policy learned societies, universities and organisations outside the UK to develop and promote social policy teaching and learning internationally


  1. Building on the success of the 2011 and 2016 surveys on social policy teaching in UK higher education institutions to conduct reviews of this kind on a regular basis
  2. Building on the success of previous Social Policy Teaching and Learning Days to organise events of this kind on an annual basis
  3. Hosting an annual meeting with social policy subject leads and programme convenors to discuss issues in social policy teaching and learning, and to identify strategies in promoting social policy teaching and learning
  4. Facilitating sharing of social policy teaching and learning resources and making them available for teachers and learners
  5. Encouraging the use of SPA marketing materials across institutions to assist with recruitment.

Details of forthcoming Teaching & Learning events, as well as shared teaching resources, are available to SPA members on the SPA Online platform.

SPA Teaching and Learning Reports

The SPA has produced or commissioned several reports on social policy teaching and learning.

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