Watch: Video of SPA Teaching and Learning Day on ‘Race in Social Policy Teaching’

The Social Policy Association’s annual Teaching and Learning Day took place on Friday 20th May 2022 at the University of Nottingham and online. The video of the event is now available to watch on YouTube here, or in this post below.

The theme of the event was ‘Race in Social Policy’, featuring a range of excellent speakers who had contributed to the Social Policy and Society special issue on Race in Social Policy.

The event was hosted by the University of Nottingham and supported by the Social Policy Association, the Social Policy and Society journal, and the UoN’s International Centre for Public and Social Policy.

This video shows the morning session of the event. The event programme for both the morning and afternoon sessions is provided below for your information.

You can read more about the SPA’s support for teaching and learning in social policy on our website here.


Morning Session

Introduction to the event

  • Dr Steve Iafrati, University of Nottingham, Vice Chairperson of SPA

Welcome Message

  • Professor Rachel Fyson, University of Nottingham

Panel presentations

  • Chaired by Professor Alison Pilnick, University of Nottingham

‘The Missing Dimension: where is ‘race’ in social policy teaching and learning?’ Key research findings

  • Professor Gary Craig, University of Newcastle

Experiences of BAME Students at the UoN – Key research findings

  • Ms Catherine Williams, University of Nottingham

A Lecturer’s Perspective: a critical reflection of teaching ‘Race’ and ‘Racism’

  • Dr Jo Britton, University of Sheffield

Students’ Voices I: Insights from study and research

  • Ms Leena Elharm and Ms Gabrielle Stapleton, University of Nottingham

Students’ Voices II: Racism goes out out -The experience of racism on nights out for ethnic minority University students

  • Ms Sade Ajose and Ms Arpi Arakelyan, University of Swansea
  • Mr Tom Gwillim, University of Durham
  • Mr Jonny Hove, University of Nottingham

A Reflection on the plenary presentations (online)

  • Professor Karen Rowlingson, University of York, Chairperson of SPA


Afternoon Session (Parallel Workshops)


Workshop I: Diversifying the Social Policy Curriculum

  • Facilitators: Dr Alessio D’angelo and Ms Gabrielle Stapleton, University of Nottingham
  • Presenters: Dr Barbara Adewumi and Dr Lavinia Mitton, University of Kent

Workshop II: Progressive Relational Pedagogy and its impact on students from African, Asian and other Minoritised Groups (AAMG)

  • Facilitator: Ms Libby Steel, University of Nottingham
  • Presenters: Mr Johanne Gilroy and Ms Maxine Greaves, Principles of Success C.I.C

Workshop III: Enhancing the Learning Experience of BAME Students

  • Facilitators: Dr Noor Alabbas and Ms Leena Elharm, University of Nottingham
  • Presenter: Dr Hyun-Joo Lim, Bournemouth University