2016 Conference



Session 1 Monday 4 July (13.30-15.00)

Paper Stream 1: TQ-2-023 

Social Policy: Economics, Policy and Impact

(Chair: Nat O’Connor)

Paper Stream 2: TQ-2-024

Child Poverty and inequality

(Chair: Goretti Horgan)

Symposium 1: TQ-2-026

Whose evidence and whose ideas are reflected in social policy? Exploring the variable impact of evidence in politically contested policy

(Chair: Chris Goulden)

John Warren

Post-industrial Geographies and Social Policy. Lives, Legacies and Futures on Teesside’ [No PDF available]

Sophie Mackinder

State Building and Social Protection: the state in post-conflict contexts [No PDF available]

Féilim Ó Hadhmaill

Ireland and the Global Economic Crisis: the impact on social welfare and Social Policy north and south. One island, two different experiences? [No PDF available]

Keerty Nakray

Child Poverty and Social Policy in BRICS: a review of emerging evidence [No PDF available]

John Hudson and Stefan Kühner

Social Justice, Inequality and Child Well-Being across Rich Countries: a fuzzy set ideal type analysis through a Rawlsian lens [No PDF available]

Megan Curran

Large Family, Poor Family? A comparative examination of changing patterns in children’s family circumstances and inequality & implications for family policy [No PDF available]

Vanessa Gstrein

Can the Advocacy Coalition Framework Accommodate Policy Transfer Problems in the Case of Drug Consumption Rooms? [No PDF available]

Katherine Smith

The Power of Ideas? Understanding the variable success of ideas in Social Policy: an ideational typology [No PDF available]

Alex Wright

Exploring Evidence-based Policy Implementation: a case of health policy in Scotland [No PDF available]

Session 1 Monday 4 July (13.30-15.00)

Paper Stream 4: TQ-2-027

Civil Society and the State

(Chair: Markus Ketola)

Paper Stream 5: TQ-2-029a&b

Young People, Precarity and Insecurity

(Chair: Lee Gregory)

Paper Stream 6: TQ-1-06b

Education and Social Policy

(Chair: Lorenza Antonucci)

Adam Smith

Boundaries – the State and Irish Civil Society [No PDF available]

Alexander Page

‘Advancement’ for Whom, to Where? the position of Indigenous community-run organisations during an age of ‘new paternalism’ in early twenty first century Australia [PDF]

Mike Hemmings

Resistance or Compliance? – the impact of austerity on voluntary sector organisations campaigning and delivery of welfare services [PDF]

Kathy McEwan

Youth, Class & Precarity in the ‘Missing Middle’ [PDF]

Tat Chor Au-Yeung and Victor Wong

How do Ideas Matter In Constructing and Constructing Youth Policy? The case of Hong Kong [PDF]

Adam Formby

Graduates Transitions at a Time of Substantive Labour Market Insecurity: a growing ‘missing middle?’ [No PDF available]

Theresa Adrião, Teise Garcia and Juliana Azevedo

Primary Education in Brazil: privatization trends and restrictions to education rights [PDF]

Long Pham and Beth Massey

Exploring opportunities for youth engagement and participation in a ‘smart city’ [PDF]

Sonia Exley

‘Open Policy Making’ in English education [No PDF available]


Session 2 Monday 4 July (15.30-17.00)

Paper Stream 7: TQ-2-023

Policy and Politics

(Chair: Catherine Bochel)

Paper Stream 8: TQ-2-024

Older People and Social Care

(Chair: Nicola Moran)

Paper Stream 9: TQ-2-025

Work, Precarity and Security

(Chair: Eleanor Carter)

Paper Stream 10: TQ-2-026

Health Systems and Commissioning

(Chair: Martin Powell)

Jonathan Wistow

Governance, State Capacity and Competing Policy Agendas: a study of extreme weather event policy and planning in England [No PDF available]

Shu-Chi Liu

How does ‘Politics’ matter within policy change process? – the continuity, change and challenge of Taiwan’s housing policy  [No PDF available]

Ann Marie Gray and Derek Birrell

Social Policy in Northern Ireland: the challenges of consociationalism, consensus, conservatism and capacity [No PDF available]

Jon Glasby

Room for One More? reducing inappropriate hospital admissions by understanding the expertise of older people [No PDF available]

Alexandra Chapman

Learning from Potential Future Social Care Users: a person-centred approach for older users in Northern Ireland? [PDF]

Peiqi Deng

Provision and Funding for Elder Care: a case study in Hubei, China [PDF]

Marcin Kawinski

Disability and death of breadwinner within social security: personal finance perspective [No PDF available]

Wieteke Conen and Joop Schippers

Do We Have to Worry About the New Solo Self-employed? An analysis of self- sufficiency and precariousness among self-employed without personnel [No PDF available]

Daisy Payne

Pakistani Women In The Labour Market: Structure, culture, and agency [No PDF available]

Alec Fraser, Stefanie Tan, Kristy Kruithof, Megan Sim, Mylene Lagarde and Nicholas Mays

When technical and relational challenges frustrate new forms of social investment: a comparative analysis of four recent Health and Social Care Social Impact Bond ‘Trailblazers’ in England [PDF]

Vid Calovski

Marketisation, Privatisation and the NHS: the case of how commissioners make decisions about selection of providers [No PDF available]

Dorota Osipovic, Pauline Allen, Anna Coleman, Neil Perkins, Marie Sanderson, Elizabeth Shepherd, Lorraine Williams and Kath Checkland

Interrogating Institutional Change: Actors’ Attitudes to Competition and Cooperation in Commissioning Health Services in England [No PDF available]


Session 2 Monday 4 July (15.30-17.00)

Paper Stream 11: TQ-1-06a&b

Attitudes to Welfare

(Chair: Adrian Sinfield)

Paper Stream 12: TQ-2-027

The State and Community Action

(Chair: Mhairi Mackenzie)

Symposium 2A: TQ-1-07a&b

Disciplinary Welfare

(Chair: Mark Simpson)

Paper Stream 13: TQ-2-029a7b

Work and Low Income

(Chair: Mary Anne MacLeod)

Andrew Defty and Hugh Bochel

Are we all children of Thatcher now? Changes in public and parliamentary attitudes to welfare since the 1980s. [PDF]

Rose Smith

Changing Public Attitudes Towards Welfare: Do assets affect support for social security? [No PDF available]

Steve Corbett and Alan Walker

Renewing ‘the Social’ in Social Policy [No PDF available]

Lee Gregory

Time, Alterity and Social Policy: a search for “alternatives”? [No PDF availeble]

Eunjeong Kim, Seonmi Kim and Sunhae Lee

The Characteristics of Social Service Provision According to the Community Size and Financial Provision [No PDF available]

Ian Elliott, Violetta Fejszes and Mariola Tarrega

The Community Empowerment Act and Localism under Devolution in Scotland: the perspective of multiple stakeholders in a council ward [No PDF available]

Tracy Shildrick

Politics, Policy And Poverty Propaganda [No PDF available]

Andrew Dunn

A (possible) Justification for More Conditionality and Sanctioning? the evidence about Jobseeker’s Allowance claimants’ commitment to employment [No PDF available]

Peter Dwyer and Sharon Wright

Universal Credit: making work pay or disciplining the disadvantaged? [No PDF available]

Rod Hick

The Rise of In Work Poverty in the UK: an analysis of trends and the impact of policies [No PDF available]

Hung-Yang Lin, Pei-YuanTsai and Yuen-Wen Ku

The Working Poor in Taiwan [No PDF available]

Aaron Reeves, Amy Clair, Martin McKee and David Stuckler

The Impact of Reductions in HIB and Symptoms of Depression in Low Income Households [No PDF available]


Session 3 Tuesday 5 July (9.00-10.30)

Symposium 3: TQ-2-023

Understanding People’s Priorities, Values and Trade-offs in the Context of Welfare Reform and Economic Recession

(Chair: Johanne Devlin-Trew)

Paper Stream 14: TQ-2-024

Policing, Citizens and Human Rights

(Chair: John Offer)

Paper Stream 15: TQ-1-06a&b

Social Rights and Citizenship

(Chair: Anya Ahmed)

Paper Stream 16:


Economic and Domestic Violence

(Chair: Susan Marie Martin)

Paper Stream 17: TQ-2-026

(Chair: Nick Ellison)

Eileen Alexander

Remembering Informal ‘everyday’ welfare practices in the British Welfare Mix: The significance of informal financial support among people on low incomes [PDF]

Regina Serpa

Housing Strategies of Homeless Migrants: a comparative study of Central Americans in Massachusetts and Eastern Europeans in Scotland [No PDF available]

Kate Summers

Money and Meaning: understanding how working age social security recipients use their money [No PDF available]

Iain Britton

Citizen Involvement in Policing – a critical but under-researched aspect of policing [PDF]

Ciarán Kearney

Human Rights and Policing Reform in the North of Ireland [No PDF available]

Laura Bainbridge

Abandoning echoed assumptions: A concise exploration of crime and criminal justice policy transfer [No PDF available]

Rebecca Ehata, Cecilia Bruzelius and Martin Seeleib- Kaiser

Exercising Social Rights as an EU Migrant Citizen in The UK: what helps or hinders? [No PDF available]

Egle Dagilyte and Margaret Greenfields

The 2013–2014 Welfare Benefits Reform: what impact on Roma migrants who are European Union citizens? [PDF]

Yang Zhou

To Construct the Self-identity of Recipients During Process of Mental Health Policy in Mainland China [No PDF available]

Punita Chowbey

Employment, masculinities and domestic violence in ‘fragile’ contexts: Pakistani women in Pakistan and the UK [No PDF available]

Mhairi Mackenzie, Maria Gannon, Katie Cosgrove, Deborah Barton, Nicky Stanley and Gene Feder

Practising Structural Competency: women experiencing domestic abuse [No PDF available]

Marian Duggan

Evaluating Risk and Responsibility in Domestic Violence Disclosures [No PDF available]

Rachel Forrester-Jones, Nicole Palmer, Julia Diez Izquierdo and Carmen Carpio de Los Pinos

‘I Just Wanna Get Through Ethics’: are research ethics committees working? a comparative study between the UK and Spain [No PDF available]

Steve McKay

Quality and inequality in Social Policy Research – what can we learn from the 2014 REF? [No PDF available]

Session 3 Tuesday 5 July (9.00-10.30)

Paper Stream 18: TQ-2-027

Pensions and Pension Challenges

(Chair: Micheal Collins)

Paper Stream 19: TQ-2-029a&b

Food Poverty

(Chair: Tracy Shildrick)

Paper Stream 20: TQ-1-07a&b

Welfare Models

(Chair:Chris Holden)

Paper Stream 21: TQ-2-031

Child Wellbeing/child protection

(Chair: Jay Wiggan)

Liam Foster and Martin Heneghan

Gender And The Challenges Of Pension Planning [No PDF available]

Cheng Shi and Quan Lu

The Integration of China Public Pension Between Rural and Urban On the Framework of Urbanization and Change of Employment Quality [PDF]


Annemette Ljungdalh Nielsen, Lotte Holm and Thomas Bøker Lund

Vagabondic and Touristic Paths to Saving Money on Household Food Budgets. Findings from a mixed method study in Denmark [PDF]

Kayleigh Garthwaite

Hunger Pains: exploring life inside foodbank Britain [No PDF available]

Mary Anne MacLeod

“My Wife And Myself We Got Used To That, We Just Always Ate Breakfast For Lunch And Lunch For Dinner”: a mixed-methods study of food insecurity and food bank use in deprived neighbourhoods in Glasgow [No PDF available]

Kevin Farnsworth and Zoe Irving

The (Re)Mixed Economies of Welfare: Social, Corporate, Occupational and Private Welfare [No PDF available]

Naomi Finch, Daniel Horsfall and John Hudson

The Move Towards A Social Investment Model Of Welfare: Inputs, Outcomes And Changes Over Time [No PDF available]

Bo Yung Kim

South Korea Still At The Crossroads? Dynamics in transformation from productive welfare regime to a welfare state regime [No PDF available]

Azadeh Chalabi

A Fuzzy-Based Approach To Well-Being: a diamond model [PDF]

Gavin Davidson, Claire McCartan, Lisa Bunting, Brigid Featherstone and Paul Bywaters

Inequalities in Child Welfare Interventions: theoretical ideas and implications for policy [No PDF available]

Helen Baldwin, Nina Biehal, Jim Wade, Linda Cusworth and Victoria Allgar

Identifying Predictors Of Recorded Child Maltreatment Using Data From A Birth Cohort Study [No PDF available]

Natalie Booth

Maternal Imprisonment; a family sentence [No PDF available]


Session 4 Tuesday 5 July (10.45-12.15)

Paper Stream 22: TQ-1-6a&b

Social Policy: Impact and Influence

(Chair: Jane Millar)

Symposium 2B: TQ-1-7a&b

Disciplinary Welfare

(Chair: Peter Dwyer)

Paper Stream 23: TQ-2-023

Service Provision/Austerity/Third sector

(Chair: Féilim Ó Hadhmaill)

Paper Stream 24: TQ-2-024

Care and Carers

(Chair: Catherine Needham)

Tina Haux

No Longer the 1950s: Social Policy influence today [No PDF available]

Kitty Stewart

What’s The Point Of Government Consultation? A case study of the 2012-13 consultation into child poverty measurement [No PDF available]

Robert MacDonald

Champions Of Social Justice Or Pawns In The Neo-Liberal Game? REF, impact & social policy [No PDF available]

Ciara Fitzpatrick

Trajectory of Change: rising conditionality and social control of the unemployed in the British social security system [PDF]

Robert Page

A Helping Hand or a Harmful Fist? progressive neo-liberal conservatism and the welfare state [No PDF available]

Ruth Patrick

Living With The Conditional Welfare State: ‘welfare-to-work’, sanctions and ‘support’ [PDF]

Jeremy Kendall, John Mohan and Nadia Brookes

“Arrested by Austerity Policies? Towards a fuller account of the challenges faced by English social policy charities in meeting need” [PDF]

Jenny Read

The Role Of The Third Sector In Work-Care Reconciliation; a case study of the CReate project [No PDF available]

Young Jun Choi and Hye-Jin Choi

Whose Choice And Whose Accountability In The Korean Long-Term Care Services: discretion mix in comparative perspectives [No PDF available]

Nicola Moran

Change, challenge and continuity: The pervasiveness of caring for children with rare life-limiting conditions – a rapid systematic review [PDF]

Polly Vizard, Tania Burchardt and Polina Obolenskaya

Changes In Income Poverty And Material Deprivation Among Young Carers In The UK Since the Great Recession [No PDF available]

Sandra Shaw and Karen Kinghorn

Supporting Carers in Employment [No PDF available]

Session 4 Tuesday 5 July (10.45-12.15)

Paper Stream 25: TQ-G-001

EU, Social Citizenship and Austerity

(Chair: Dave Byrne)

Paper Stream 26: TQ-2-025

Social work, policy, practice and education

(Chair: Jon Glasby)

Paper Stream 27: TQ-2-026

Issues of Austerity

(Chair: Ben Baumberg)

Paper Stream 28: TQ-2-027

Comparative Study of Children and Childcare

(Chair: Nakary Keerty)

Lorenza Antonucci

European Austerity At Work: exploring the role of technocracy in EU in welfare state reforms [No PDF available]

Fran Bennett

Against All Odds? supporting the social in the European Union [PDF]

Isabel Shutes

Between ‘Adult Worker’ and ‘Male Breadwinner’: gender, EU citizenship and access to social rights [No PDF available]

Rachel Robbins

Intersectionality, Inequality and Social Justice: using uncertainty in social policy within social work [No PDF available]

Shiyu Lu and Wing Kit Chan

Development of Social Work Education Programmes: implications for welfare [No PDF available]

Romain Jammal-Abboud

Ethnicity Practice Wisdom by Arab Social Workers in Israel [No PDF available]

Bronagh Byrne

Disability, Austerity and Welfare Reform: contradictions and disqualifications [PDF]

Christopher Parker

Leaving Long Term Homelessness For The Private Rented Sector: precarious transitions amidst austerity, welfare reform and housing crisis [PDF]

Mark Bevan, Katia Attuyer, Karen Croucher, Rose Gilroy and David Swallow

Tolerating Others? Promoting mobility and well-being in later life [No PDF available]

Michael Hill, Gitte Sommer Harrits, Peter Hupe, Marie Ostergaard Muller and Liesbeth Van Parys

Street-Level Discretion In The Provision Of Day Care For Children: first steps towards a comparative study [PDF]

Romualdo Oliveira and Barboza Luciane

Access to Regular Basic Education in Brazil after the 1988´ Constitution Law: Fulfilled Promises? [No PDF available]

Peter Selman

Intercountry Adoption To And From European Countries In The 21st Century [PDF]

Session 5 Tuesday 5 July (14.30 – 16.00)

Paper Stream 29: TQ-2-023

Health Systems and Services

(Chair: Dorota Osipovic)

Symposium (4A) TQ-1-06a&b

Social Innovation and Social Policy: A Solution or Surrender to Welfare Austerity? Welfare Pluralism, Social Innovation and Austerity

(Chair: Stephen Sinclair)

Symposium 2 C: TQ-1-07a&bDisciplinary Welfare

(Chair: Andrew Dunn)

Paper Stream 30: TQ-2-024

Power, Policy and Disability

(Chair: Bronagh Byrne)

Martin Powell, Daniel Beland and Alex Waddan

The Americanization of the British National Health Service [No PDF available]

Philip Begley

Management Consultants and the NHS: a historical perspective [PDF]

Jingqing Yang

Governing Informal Payments by Market in the Chinese Healthcare System [No PDF available]

Eleanor Carter

Living Up To The Hype? the application of Social Impact Bonds in the UK [No PDF available]


Daniel Edmiston and Alex Nicholls

Social Innovation and Social Impact Bonds: The Role of Private Capital in the Delivery of Welfare Services [No PDF available]

Ben Baumberg Geiger

Conditionality for Disabled People: rising employment rates or social policy disaster? [No PDF available]

Mark Simpson

Disciplinary, Enabling Or Proportionate Welfare States? regional ideologies and the devolution of social security in the UK [No PDF available]

Robyn Rowe

‘Veritable hotbeds of fraud’: the cohabitation rule and the invention of benefit fraud in post-war Britain [PDF]

Rachel Forrester-Jones, Magali Barnoux and Julia Twigg

Memories, Moments and Mannequins: the changing world of Learning Disability [No PDF available]

Rachel Robbins

Policy, Power and Possibilities in the Lives of People with Learning Disabilities [No PDF available]

Jameel Hampton

The South African Labour Bulletin and Disabled African Workers under Apartheid: policy and resistance. [No PDF available]

Session 5 Tuesday 5 July (14.30-16.00)

Paper Stream 31: TQ-2-025

(Chair: Markus Ketola)

Paper Stream 32: TQ-2-026

(Chair: Stuart Connor)

Round Table Discussion: Sally Ruane TQ-2-006

Board Room

Didem Ozkiziltan

A New Political Economy Of Insecurity? AKP and socio- economic actors in re-institutionalisation of Turkish industrial relations [No PDF available]

Omondi Ahawo

Democratization in the East African Community: who will trail blaze the process? [No PDF available]

Sigrid Betzelt and Ingo Bode

German Angst In A Liberalized World Of Welfare Capitalism. The hidden problem with post-conservative welfare policies [PDF]

Adam Whitworth and Elle Carter Rescaling

Welfare-To-Work Accountability In UK Devolution: City-region progressivity or embedded neoliberalism? [No PDF available]

Jay Wiggan

New ‘Welfare’ Imaginaries In A Fractured State: decentred governance and the construction of a new social democratic vision for social security and employment policy in Scotland Fathering In Contemporary Irish Family Support Policy And Practice [No PDF available]

Katharina Swirak, Hilary Jenkinson and Alastair Christie

An Exploration of The Construction Of Fathers and Fathering in Contemporary Irish Family Support Policy and Practice [No PDf available]



What can and should the Social Policy Association do to Resist Radically and Resolutely? [No PDF available]

Session 6 Tuesday 5 July (16.00 – 17.15)

Paper Stream 33: TQ-1-06a&b

Economic Inequality

(Chair: Julia S O’Connor)

Symposium (4B): TQ-2-023

Social Innovation and Social Policy: A solution or surrender to welfare austerity? Lost in Translation? Reconciling Social Innovation Discourse with Policy Implementation

(Chair: Stephen Sinclair)

Paper Stream 34: TQ-2-024

Higher Education

(Chair: Mandy Powell)

Paper Stream 35: TQ-2-025

Perspectives on Identity/citizenship

(Chair: Majella Kilkey)

Symposium 5 : TQ-2-026

The delicate dance of migrant representation

(Chair: Goretti Horgan)

Gregg Olsen

Poverty in Three Wealthy Anglo- American Nations [No PDF available]

Nat O’Connor

Economic Inequality, Social Policy and Complexity [PDF]

Micheal Collins and Niamh Holton

The Distributive Effects of an Increase in Low Pay in the Republic of Ireland [No PDF available]

Katharine Schulmann and Kai Leichsenring

Defining ‘Social Innovation’ In Long-Term Care And Exploring Its Potential For Improving Services For Older Users In Europe [PDF]

Nicolás Barbieri

Community Development In Health Promotion: what it is, how it can be measured and what it means in a context of social transformation and growing inequalities [PDF]

Roel During, Rosalie van Dam, Irini Salverda and Martijn Duineveld

Using Evolutionary Theory for Pluralism in Social Policies [PDF]

Lorenza Antonucci

Student Lives In Crisis: deepening inequality in times of austerity [PDF]

Wendy Saunderson

HE White Paper and the TEF: Gaps, Problems and Implications. [No PDF available]

Michaela Rogers and Anya Ahmed

Challenging The Equality Act 2010: exploring trans identity through the conceptual lens of translocational positionality [No PDF available]

Nasar Meer

Race Equality and National Identity in the ‘Scotland Question’ [No PDF available]

Clementine Hill O’Connor

Self-Reliant Groups in Scotland: Illustrating a continuum of active citizenship [No PDF available]

Vita Terry

Operating on the edges of the welfare system: Experiences from local refugee and asylum seeker third sector organisations [PDF]

Andrew Jolly

Consulting the oracle: undocumented migrant representation and the Delphi method [No PDF available]

Asif Afridi

Identity, representation and the ‘acceptable face’ of equalities policy-making in Britain [No PDF available]

Session 7 Wednesday 6 July (9.00-10.30)

Paper Stream 36: TQ-2-023

Disability and Housing Issues

(Chair: Rachel Forrester-Jones)

Paper Stream 37: TQ-2-024

Pension Inequality

(Chair: Martin Heneghan)

Paper Stream 38: TQ-2-025

Migration and Citizenship

(Chair: Nasar Meer)

Paper Stream 39: TQ-2-026

Historical Perspectives

(Chair: Derek Birrell)

Tania Burchardt, Bert Provan and Ellie Suh

Unmet Needs For Accessible Housing Among Working Age And Older Disabled People In England [No PDF available]

Catherine Needham and Helen Dickinson

‘Any One Of Us Could Be Among That Number’: Comparing the policy narratives for individualised disability funding in Australia and England [No PDF available]

Andrew Harding

Agency And The Welfare Consumer: efficacy of information and advice on housing for older people [No PDF available]

Roberta Adami and Kristina Vasileva

Pension Inequality: evidence from OECD countries [No PDF available]


Paul Bridgen and Traute Meyer

Divided Citizenship: the projected pension situation of current intra-EU migrants who retire in their host country [No PDF available]

Kelly Hall and Anya Ahmed

From the Third to Fourth Age: the challenges of ageing as a British migrant in Spain [No PDF available]

Anya Ahmed and Louise Ackers

Mobility, Privilege And Ambiguity: The British In New Zealand (Aotearoa) [No PDF available]

Agnes Orosz

East Central European Welfare State Regime [No PDF available]

Jackie Gulland

Information, Advice And Representation In Early Twentieth Century Welfare Hearings [PDF]

John-Paul McGauran and John Offer

How Different Views Of The ‘Irish Character’ Influenced The Poor Law Debate In Ireland In The 1830s [PDF]

Matthew Cooper

Youth Unemployment, Governmentality and Moral Ordering Then and Now: a study of young people’s benefits since 2010 and in the recession of the 1930s [PDF]

Session 7 Wednesday 6 July (9.00-10.30)

Paper Stream 40: TQ-2-027

Inequalities in Higher Education

(Chair: Wendy Saunderson)

Paper Stream 41: TQ-2-029a&b

Schools and Education

(Chair: Sonia Exley)

Paper Stream 42: TQ-1-06a&b

Families, Gender and Mothers

(Chair: Fran Bennett)

Paper Stream 43: TQ-2-031

Social Policy, Development and Welfare Regimes

(Chair: Rebecca Ehata)

Mandy Powell, Tiago Moreira and Vikki Boliver

Widening Participation In Higher Education In Scotland: neighbourhoods, niches and networks [No PDF available]

Pallavi Banerjee, Stephen Gorard and Vikki Boliver

Using Indicators Of Contextual Disadvantage To Widen Participation In Higher Education: a systematic review of the research literature [No PDF available]

Vikki Boliver and Laurence Lessard- Phillips

Exploring Ethnic Inequalities In University Graduate Destinations [No PDF available]

Leoarna Mathias

Blinkers On, Cracking The Whip: Five reasons why England resolutely resists discussing school starting age, and one cause for hope [No PDF available]

Amy Clair

The Contribution of Schools and Households to Child Life Satisfaction in England: a comparison [No PDF available]

Irene Bucelli

Free Schools and the “Intrinsic Value” of Choice: a conceptual framework to understand the notion of autonomy in education policy [PDF]

Charmaine Keatley

Understanding The Division And Negotiation Of Unpaid Labour In European Couples [No PDF available]

Nazli Kazanoglu

The Gender Equality within the Turkish Reconciliation of Work and Family Life Policies: convergence or divergence? [No PDF available]

Derya Keskin Demirer

A Gender Equity Analysis of the Social Policy Agenda in Turkey: What Do JDP’s Family Policies Mean For Women? [No PDF available]

Gerardo Arriaga

Social Policy And Development. The human face of poverty [PDF]

Ting Ge

Evaluating the Effects of Poverty Alleviation and Welfare Dependency in the Subsistence Allowance System for Rural Residents [No PDF available]

Michelle Millar, Ciara Bradley and Rosemary Crosse

‘Not All Mothers Are Equal’: policy responses to Lone Mothers in Ireland past and present’ [No PDF available]

Session 8 Wednesday 6 July (10.45-12.15)

Paper Stream 44: TQ-2-023

Reimaging Welfare States

(Chair: Robert Page)

Symposium 6: TQ-1-06a&b

The Transnational Judicialisation of Social Policy

(Chair: Kevin Farnsworth)

Paper Stream 45: TQ-2-024

The State, The Third Sector and Funding

(Chair: Jenny Read)

Paper Stream 46: TQ-1-07a&b

Taxation and Austerity

(Chair: Liam Foster)

Daniel Edmiston and Louise Humpage

Resistance or Resignation to Welfare Reform? the activist politics for and against social citizenship in an austere welfare regime [No PDF available]

Gerard Cotterell

A Radical Overhaul Of The Welfare State – Assessing The Impact Of Ongoing Reforms In New Zealand [No PDF available]

Remo Siza

Welfare For The Middle Classes: The Case For Reinforcement [No PDF available]

Theodoros Papadopoulos and Antonios Roumpakis

The Constitutionalisation Of Neoliberalism In The EU And Beyond: Implications for the governance of welfare provision [No PDF available]

Chris Holden and Ben Hawkins

The European Union, Global Constitutionalism and Health: Coherence or Contradiction? [No PDF available]

Young Jun Choi

Does ISDS Really Matter? Case of health reforms in Slovakia [No PDF available]

John Mohan and Charlie Rahal

Understanding The Funding Base Of The UK Third Sector: insights from open data and grantmaking data [PDF]

John Offer

Robert Pinker and the Case for Welfare Pluralism [No PDF available]

Markus Ketola and Ciaran Hughes

Finding A New Story To Tell: neoliberalism, competition and challenges to voluntary action in Northern Ireland [No PDF available]

Micheal Collins

Austerity and Indirect Taxes: modelling the inequality effects [PDF]

Adrian Sinfield

How Much Austerity Is There In Tax Welfare? [PDF]

Sally Ruane

Public Perceptions Of Tax: findings from a small scale exploratory study [No PDF available]

Session 8 Wednesday 6 July (10.45-12.15)

Paper Stream 47: TQ-2-025

Credit Lending and Fiscal Watchdogs

(Chair: Jennifer Hamilton)

Paper Stream 48: TQ-2-026Gender and Women’s Visability

(Chair: Daisy Payne)

Paper Stream 49: TQ-2-027

(Chair: Michaela Rogers)

Neil McHugh, Rachel Baker and Cam Donaldson

Microcredit As A UK Social Policy Tool: more than just money? [No PDF available]

Lee Gregory

Defeating Wonga But Re-Locating Responsibility? reflections on the archbishop’s task group “lifesavers” initiative [No PDF available]

Stuart Connor

Determined Futures: examining the role of fiscal watchdogs in policy making [No PDF available]

Danielle Roberts

Redistribution, Recognition And Representation: Applying Fraser to women’s political participation in Northern Ireland [No PDF available]

Yalda Afzali

Gender Invisibility in Academia in Afghanistan [PDF]

Susan Marie Martin

Gender-fication: The Historical struggle of poor women trading in ‘World Class’ Cities [PDF]

Owen Davis

What Is The Link Between Cash Benefits Policies And Educational Inequalities In Mental Health? [No PDF available]

Joanna Marczak, Gerard Wistow and Jose-Luis Fernandez

Evaluating Prevention Effects In English Local Authorities: developing an evaluation framework [PDF]