Social Policy & Society, Chair of Editorial Board: Call for Expressions of Interest

The Social Policy Association invites applications for the Chair of the Editorial Board of the journal Social Policy & Society (SP&S), to run for a period of five years from January 2024 – December 2028. SP&S is a journal of the UK Social Policy Association, published by Cambridge University Press.

Applications should be forwarded by email and attachment to current Chair of the Editorial Board Mhairi Mackenzie by 5pm Friday 12 May 2023.


Job description

The Chair should demonstrate an enthusiasm and support for the journal’s aims and its distinctive position within the field of social policy publishing. The Chair is expected to act at all times in the best interests of the journal. The Chair will be expected to be a paid-up member of the SPA for the duration of their role in office, have some knowledge of SP&S and of its distinctiveness as a social policy journal, keep abreast of journal developments and wider trends in the field of social policy publishing. The normal term of office is five years.

They will participate in all activities related to the smooth running and continued success of the Journal:

  • Keeping in regular contact and liaison with the Social Policy Association Executive Committee (notably via the SPA Chair as ex-officio member of the journal EB), CUP and the Editors;
  • Providing the Editors with advice on matters of journal policy and practice as needed;
  • Providing balanced and impartial judgment on issues of contention that may arise;
  • Ensure journal governance and policy are consistently adhered to;
  • Sustaining collegial, inclusive and professional relations among the EB members, addressing issues arising.
  • Working at all times to maintain highest levels of academic excellence, professional integrity, inclusivity and transparency in the running of the journal and the Editorial Board.

The principal responsibilities of the Editorial Board Chair are to:

  1. To Chair the Journal’s Editorial Board Meetings, which are held in January and June/July each year.
  2. To oversee the process of recruiting new Editors to the Journal, in consultation with the EB, SPA and CUP.
  3. To oversee the recruitment of new members to the International Advisory Board.

The Chair can act to support the continued success of the journal by, for example,

  • promoting awareness of the journal through their networks;
  • encouraging submissions to the journal;
  • identifying risks and opportunities facing the journal and leading the development of an appropriate response to them;
  • ensure journal governance, policy and practice remain consistent with the standards of a successful international journal, addressing issues that surface in a timely way.


Further information

The Chair of the Editorial Board of SP&S is expected to chair two Editorial Board meetings each year, one in January and one in June/July (online). It is also expected that the post-holder chairs the annual Social Policy And Society annual lecture in June.

Whilst the official start date is January 2024 it is expected that the successful candidate will shadow the existing Chair of the Editorial Board for a period of up to 6 months (from July 2023) to ensure a smooth handover.


Application process

Applications are invited from individuals based at UK universities. Applications should provide details of the following:

  • Please say what you can bring to the journal in terms of, for example, your experience of working on other journals, your areas of social policy expertise, your established networks and so on.


Application deadline:

Applications should be forwarded by email and attachment to current Chair of the Editorial Board Mhairi Mackenzie by 5pm Friday 12 May 2023.

Applications will be shortlisted by a sub-committee of the Board and subject to consideration by the full Board, with the outcome announced in June 2023 and Chair of the Editorial Board taking up the role from January 2024. Interested parties are invited to contact the current Chair of the Editorial Board for informal discussion about the role.