Call for Editor in Chief: International Journal of Care and Caring

The Editorial Management Board of the International Journal of Care and Caring (IJCC) invites applications for the post of Editor in Chief of the journal to run for a period of three years from June 2024. It is hoped that the newly appointed Editor in Chief will work alongside the current one from May 2024 prior to a final handover in June. Applications close on 15 December 2023.

IJCC is a multidisciplinary journal designed to advance scholarship and debate in the important and expanding field of care and caring. Multidisciplinary and international in scope, it publishes high-quality contributions on care, caring and carers from all regions of the world. IJCC has a broad focus, covering care and caring for people of any age who have long-term conditions, disabilities or frailties, or who are seriously ill or near the end of life. It explores the economic, organisational, political, social, legal, familial, transnational and ethical settings in which this care occurs.

Applications are invited for an Editor in Chief who reflects the multi-disciplinary and international nature of the journal in their expertise. This is an exciting opportunity to help shape and develop the journal over the coming years. Read the call for Editor in Chief to learn more.