SPA Celebrates Members Recognised by the Academy of Social Sciences

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The Social Policy Association (SPA) warmly congratulates our members recognised by the Academy of Social Sciences.

Anya Ahmed, Professor of Wellbeing and Communities at Manchester Metropolitan University, is an eminent research methodologist with expertise in narrative/biographical approaches whose work with marginalised populations has  had local, national and international impact.

Professor Alison Koslowski, Director of the Thomas Coram Research Unit at UCL, is internationally renowned for her work on family and gender policy and for her contribution to creating better data for policy makers and increasing the capacity to analyse such data.

Professor Ahmed and Professor Koslowski are two of forty seven new members elected to the Academy.  Academy Fellows are conferred following an independent peer review process by the Academy’s Nominations Committee which recognises their excellence, impact, and wider contributions.

SPA Chair, Professor Ann Marie Gray said:

“We are delighted that Professor Anya Ahmed and Professor Alison Koslowski have been appointed Fellows of the Academy of Social Sciences following their nomination by the Social Policy Association. This is deserving recognition of the excellence and value of their work.  Both have made an outstanding contribution to the social sciences for public benefit.”

In addition, the SPA warmly congratulates the appointment to the Academy of our member David Abbot, Professor of Social Policy at the University of Bristol. He is recognised for his significant contribution to social sciences through his work on issues for disabled children, young people and adults as well as their families and the services that support them. Read more on the University of Bristol’s press release here.

The Academy of Social Sciences’ press release and list of all Fellowship appointments can be read at: