Joint East Asian Social Policy Research Network and United Kingdom Social Policy Association Annual Conference 2012

The annual conference was a great success but was a particular triumph for the Social Policy Postgraduate community. More Social Policy postgraduates presented at the EASP/SPA conference than ever before.

The EASP/SPA conference hosted the traditional annual postgraduate meeting. This year the postgraduate meeting was particularly well-received as many SPA postgraduates attended the meeting to propose a number of new activities. There were two key points of discussion. Firstly, the proposal to organise a live chat on Twitter to discuss and share Social Policy postgraduate experiences. Secondly, the proposal to organise a publication with a group of SPA postgraduates volunteering as the editorial board. We would like to further explore these ideas in an attempt to strengthen the existing postgraduate community, offering opportunities to network and meet peers. We hope to be able to facilitate the development of such platforms over the coming year.

At the EASP/SPA Conference, Daniel Edmiston was elected as a new postgraduate representative. Sarah Brooks-Wilson is still however actively involved in the employability agenda of Social Policy postgraduates.