The Missing Dimension: Where is ‘race’ in Social Policy teaching and learning?

The Social Policy Association is proud to announce the release of our report examining ‘race’ in Social Policy teaching and learning.  Last year, following evidence from various sources, the SPA executive recognised that the concept of ‘race’ should have a higher profile and prominence within Social Policy in the UK.  The SPA commissioned Gary Craig, Bankole Cole and Nasreen Ali to carry out an independent audit and to produce a report, for which we are very grateful.  The report recognises various areas where teaching and learning in Social Policy could be diversified, as well as the role of the SPA in supporting a higher profile for journal articles, research and curriculum development.

As a first step, the SPA has organised for the opening plenary at this year’s SPA conference in Durham to focus on ‘race’ and ethnicity in Social Policy, which will include esteemed academics within this field.  With the report now complete, the SPA will also move forward by developing an action plan and seeking to work in partnership with other learned societies to address the findings.  Amidst the current post-Brexit political climate, impacts of austerity and welfare reforms, as well as the increase in precarious work, addressing such issues lie at the heart of Social Policy.

See below for both the full report and summary report:

Full report

BME Audit - Final Report

Summary report

BME Audit - Final Report - Summary