Family and Household in Social Policy Webinar Series (2nd, 9th and 13th December 2022)

The Family and Household in Social Policy webinar series aims to open the following questions for debate within the academic community of social policy: How do demographic patterns, family structures and living arrangements change over time? How has social policy -both as a discipline and a practice- responded to these changes so far? What do these changes mean for the future of social policy?

Please see details of the three upcoming online webinars below and sign-up at the links.

The Family and Household in Social Policy webinar series is organised by Volkan Yilmaz, Theo Papadopoulos and Antonios Roumpakis with support from a Social Policy Association Opportunity Grant.

The nest redefined: Global family changes

Date: 4pm (UTC), December 2 (Friday)

Speaker: Chia Liu (University of St. Andrews)

Moderator: Antonios Roumpakis (University of York)

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The rise (and fall?) of neoliberal feminism

Date: 3pm (UTC), December 9 (Friday)

Speaker: Catherine Rottenberg (University of Nottingham)

Moderator: Theo Papadopoulos (University of Bath)

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Institutional and attitudinal aspects of demographic dynamics

Date: 3pm (UTC), December 13 (Tuesday)

Speaker: Daniela Bellani (SNS) 

Moderator: Volkan Yilmaz (Dublin City University)

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