2012 Conference

SPA 2012 Conference Papers

University of York – July 2012

Paper Sessions Timetable – Final Version

Monday (14.30 – 16.00) 16th July 2012
Parallel Paper Session 1          Venue / Rooom listed in Printed Programme

JRF Stream : Climate Change & Social Justice Symposium
Session Chair: Katharine Knox
Session 1A
Session Chair: Bob Hudson
Session Chair: Ben Baumberg
Alan Werrity 
The Invisible hazard: pluvial flooding in urban areas

Sarah Lindley 
Justice, vulnerability and climate change: an integrated framework

Ian Gough 
Household Greenhouse Gas Emissions, DistributionalDilemmas and Social Policies

Ian Greener
Guilty by association? The rocky road to the Health and Social Care Bill

JMartin Powell & Robin Miller 
Sixty years of privatizing the NHS

Andrew Wallace, Kath Checkland, Stephen Peckham, Anna Coleman, Rosalind Miller, Imelda McDermott, Julia Segar, Christina Petsoulas & Steve Harrison
The Coalition and NHS Reform: a study of emerging clinical commissioning groups

Matthias Stepan
Title not available

Kui (Chun-Tsai Hsu)
The delivery of services to indigenous people in Taiwan: report of a study that shows the need to hear the voices of the people and adapt services to traditional approaches to meeting need

Natasha Cortis & Gabrielle Meagher
Recognition at Last: Australia’s Equal Remuneration Case for Social and Community Service Workers 

Postgraduate Stream
Session Chair:Lorenza Antonucci
Session 1C
Session Chair:Maggie Lau
Session 1D
Session Chair:Shona Hunter
Chris Clarke 
Family policies and gender equality in employment in European countries over the period 1995 – 2010

Ewa A. Duda-Mikulin 
Citizenship, gender and migration: Polish migrant women in the UK.

Phyllis Jeroslow
Revisiting Human Rights in the Western Welfare State

Yekaterina Chzhen
Child deprivation in the European Union: an alternative modelling approach

Stuart Connor 
Who are the Poor? From Lady Poverty to Welfare Queens.

Rod Hick 
On ‘consistent’ poverty

Michael Cahill
Does social policy need a mobilities turn?

Harriet Clarke 
Maintaining a focus on welfare: a case for developing understandings of generativity in social policy

Lisa O’Malley 
The Military Covenant – Citizenship, rights and entitlements in an age of austerity?

Session 1E
Session Chair:Neil Lunt 
Session 1F
Session Chair:Yuko Tamiya
Session 1G
Session Chair:Hugh Bochel
Session 1H
Session Chair:Gaby Ramia
Stuart Basten & Lih-Rong Wang 
Taiwanese ultra-low fertility and the limits to population policy

Yu-Chung Yeh & Wen-Tsung Huang 
Health Care Utilization and Medication Safety Knowledge of Immigrant Mothers in Taiwan

Che-Ying Lin
A comparison of dementia care policy between Scotland and Taiwan

Junko Yamashita & Esther Dermott
‘Good Parenting’ in the UK and Japan: discourse and policy

Dalija Snieškienė 
Does the training of foster parents develop a family home for every child?

Masato Shikata 
Inequality in childhood care and education: an analysis of parents’ time spent using Japanese time use survey

Deborah Brennan & Bettina Cass
Markets in Care: Transforming child care and aged care inAustralia and the UK: an intra-country and cross-country policy analysis 

Nanjoo Yang 
Commercialized transformation? The changes of Non-
profits in the social care market in Korea

Rachel Fyson, Anne Patterson 
The policy-practice interface in adult safeguarding: voices from the frontline of residential services

Kanai Kaoru 
Equal Employment Opportunity Law and divisions of employment management in Japan: EEO Law Act contributes to elimination of gender disparities?

Anat Herbst
Immigrant and Israeli-Palestinian Single Mothers: Policies of Integration into the Job Market

Carla Pinto
The difficult “P” words: social work, politics and power

Session 1I
Session Chair:Peter Dwyer
Session 1J
Session Chair:Jonathan Bradshaw
Session 1K
Session Chair:Alan Roulstone
Session 1L
Session Chair:Chris Grover
Nicholas Pleace and Jo Bretherton 
Will Paradigm Drift Stop Housing First from Ending Homelessness? Categorising and Critically Assessing the Housing First Movement from a Using governmentality to understand contemporary practice in work with offenders Using governmentality to understand contemporary practice in work with offenders Social Policy Perspective

Caroline Hughes 
Homelessness: contemporary patterns and profiles of 
Tsung-hsi Fu
Housing assistance for victims of mass disaster: the case of Taiwan

Jan Flaherty, Sarah Banks, Greg Brown
In whose interest? Action research on debt in poor households

Tsrong-chi Shiao and Yeun-wen Ku 
Why are some families poor for generations? A life course perspective study in Taiwan.

Gopalakrishnan Netuveli, David Blane, Melannie Bartley 
Persisting inequalities across the life course: the pathways from childhood deprivation to quality of life in later ages in Europe

Ian Buchanan
From Community Care to Personalisation and the Threat to Learning Difficulties Self Advocacy

Ying Li 
Disability service organizations and their relations with the government in China: a case study of Beijing

Yueh-Ching Chou, Teppo Kröger
The universal breadwinner model vs universal care giver model: mothers of children with an intellectual disability

Ann Marie Gray 
Devolution, the principle of parity and the implications of the Welfare Reform Bill for Northern Ireland.

Lucy Grimshaw
Combining equalities and community ‘Fostering good relations’ at local level.

Mark Hardy
Using governmentality to understand contemporary practice in work with offenders

Monday (16.30 – 18.00)
16th July 2012 Parallel Paper Session 2          Venue / Rooom listed in Printed Programme

Session 2A
Session Chair: Kevin Caraher 
Postgraduate Stream Stream – Social Policy Research in Context: Three Phronetic Approaches 
Session Chair: Lorenza Antonucci
Inequality and Age Symposium
Session Chair: John Macnicol
Symposium: Researching the Necessities of Life: international perspectives
Session Chair: David Gordon
Chris Deeming 
Evaluation and Evidence from International Development: Lessons for Social Policy

Yu-ting Liu 
Pressures, policy-making, and welfare outcomes: a comparative analysis of European and East Asian welfare regimes

Fengping Zhao 
Learning from Others: The Development Internationalization of Social Policy in China

Amy Burnage 
Informing and Transforming Practice through Context- Dependent Research

Gareth Thomas 
Phronetic Social Research: Putting Power in Context

Emilie Whitaker 
Unpacking Phronesis: An Organisational Ethnography 

John Macnicol 
The Reappearance of an Intergenerational Equity Debate in the UK

Paul Higgs 
Generational Justice, Generational Habitus and the ‘Problem’ of the Baby Boomers

Lynne Livsey and Debora Price 
Staying Put or Moving On? – The Politics of Housing in an Ageing Population

Fahmy E, Pemberton S, Sutton E 
Public Perceptions of Poverty and Social Exclusion in the UK

Aya Abe and Christina Pantazis
Comparing the Necessities of Life: UK/Japanese public perceptions of need

Maggie Lau, David Gordon, Christina Pantazis and Eileen Suttonn
Public Perceptions of Standards of Living and Social Exclusion in Hong Kong: Preliminary Findings of the Focus Groups International

Symposium: Social policies for the private sector: Investigations of the corporate welfare state
Session Chair: ChrisHolden 
Symposium: Creating the Big Society? Exploring the role and potential of UK Time Banking
Session Chair:Ruth Naughton-Doe 
Session 2B
Session Chair:Sabrina Chai
Kevin Farnsworth 
Bringing Corporate Welfare In

Adrian Sinfield 
Corporate Welfare and the Social Division of Welfare

Chris Holden 

Ruth Naughton-Doe 
Time banking: an example of not-evidenced based practice

Olivia Pearson 
Time banking with young people: co-producing within institutions?

Lee Gregory 
Co-producing the Big Society? Exploring the practical and theoretical potentials of time banking

Anne Miller 
A rule-of-thumb citizen’s income model for the UK, with and without an earnings/income disregard

Yu Guo & Ke-qing Han 
An Evaluation Study of Urban Minimum Livelihood Guarantee Scheme in China

Wen-Mei Chung, Ying-hao Huang, Jung Chang & Yi-Shih Cheng 
The Survey on Labour Conditions and Labour Union Movement of Social Workers in Taiwan

Session 2C
Session Chair: Karen Rowlingson 
Session 2D
Session Chair:Sirin Sung 
Session 2E
Session Chair:Kepa Artaraz
Discourses of social care expansions in East Asia Symposium
Session Chair:Mi Young An
Rebecca Tunstall 
Do people from neighbourhoods with poor reputations face ‘postcode discrimination’ when looking for work?

Martin Culliney 
Rural youth: labour market opportunities and outcomes in Britain

Jinming Yan 
Transformation of the planning system in China: A public policy perspective

Kok Hoe Ng 
Between policy and family: Modelling old-age incomes in Hong Kong and Singapore

Alfia Mangano 
Family caregiving under different care arrangements: evidence from a comparative qualitative study

Song-lin Huang, Yin-Han Kuo, Chiu-YenYang & Tsan-Yu Kuo 
Research on Social Exclusion and Supports for Family Carers among Elderly People from Ethnic Minority Groups with Dementia: Cases in Shin-Chu City.

Yi-Fen Tseng 
Education welfare as a response to inequality across countries: The stage of Chinese Community

William Yat Wai Lo 
Social Justice in Cross-border Higher Education: A Reflection on Hong Kong and Taiwan’s Recruitment of Mainland Chinese Students

Richard Dorsett & Paolo Lucchino 
The UK school to work transition between social structure and individual choices – an optimal matching analysis

Mi Young An 
Social Care Expansions in Korea: similar discourses under centre-left and conservative governments?

Zhang Yanxia 
Social Care Expansion in China: Understanding Developments in Elderly Care Policies.

Shu-Yung Wang 
Competing Policy Goals and Strategies of De-Familialism: Socialization or Marketization of Pre-School Child Care Policy in Taiwan.

Shirley (Hsiao-Li) Sun 
Between Economic Competitiveness and Reproductive Justice: Persistent Low Fertility and Social Policies in the Developmental State of Singapore

Tuesday (9.00 -10.30) 
17th July 2012 Parallel Paper Session 3          Venue / Rooom listed in Printed Programme

JRF Stream
Dementia & Society Symposium

Session Chair: Philly Hare
Session 3A
Session Chair: Melissa Wong
Session 3B
Session Chair: Mark Hardy
Postgraduate Stream
Session Chair: Chris Clarke
Philly Hare 
Overview of JRF work

Rachael Litherland 
Innovations in Dementia

Janet Crampton
The Dementia Without Walls Project

Fran Bennett 
The Importance of Independent Income: the Role of Non-means-tested Benefits

Chris Grover 
Local Welfare Assistance: overcoming past concerns with
‘exceptional expenses’ Payments

Freda Owusu
Social Policy in an Unequal World: Money Transfers and
Payment Services Regulations

Hugh Bochel & Andrew Defty 
Attitudes to welfare amongst newly elected MPs

Tania Burchardt 
Deliberative research as a tool to make value judgements

Gyu-Jin Hwang 
Explaining Social Policy Reversals

Kyungmin Lee 
Analysis of the Welfare Regime in South Korea and Taiwan: 
Focusing on National Health Insurance (NHI) reform process

Kyunghwan Kim
Differences in Welfare Attitude Disadvantaged and 
Others in Korea

Nurhadi Sutrisno
Reconstructuring Childhood in Indonesia: Towards Culturally 
Sensitive Policy

Symposium – The unequal outcomes of the Freud Report in action
Session Chair: Dan Heap
Session 3C
Session Chair: Christina Pantazis
Symposium – Silent Social Exclusion: Adults Who Grew Up in Care as Children
Session Chair: Jim Goddard
Session 3D
Session Chair: Caroline Glendinning
Daniel Edmiston 
Making Work Pay: the self-defeating logic of the Workfare State

Dan Heap 
Mainstreaming and specialisation: tensions at the heart of the new welfare-to-work settlement for sick and disabled benefit claimants

Hayley Bennett
“Grow or Die!” The impact of the UK welfare-to-work market on a third sector organisation

Tony Hung-Yang Lin
Evaluating the Policy Input and Social Output of Pension Systems: Chinese Community States and Western Models Compared

Remo Siza 
Inequality and impoverishment of Italian households during the financial crisis and the Great Recession

Ahawo Omondi
Worse Than The Worst: Living In A Poor, Capitalist And Ex-Settler Colony In The 21st Century

Zachari Duncalf, 
Adult Care Leavers: The lack of representation and voice in policy

Jim Goddard 
Adult Care Leavers and the Legacy of Past Abuse: International issues and debates

Suellen Murray 
Care leavers and access to personal records: Australian experiences and their implications for social policy

Christiane Purcal, Bettina Cass & Deborah Brennan 
Grandparents raising grandchildren: impacts of lifecourse stage on the experiences and costs of care

Yuko Tamiya 
Are grandparents a family resource? Intergenerational support for Japanese lone mothers

Liam Foster 
I’m not as well off as I thought I would be! An investigation of the financial well-being of pensioner’s with private pensions

Session 3E
Session Chair: Liam Foster
Session 3E
Session Chair: Ian Buchanan
Session 3F
Session Chair: Tania Burchardt
Session 3G
Session Chair: Anahely Medrano
Claire Markham 
The transitions of villages and the communities they serve in the context of social and cultural perceptions and interactions.

Alison J Green, Nick R Johns, Smita Tripathi & Khamael Al-Faris 
Faith Groups and Social Welfare: the equal opportunities implications

Jie Tang
Beautiful on the Surface: Supporting Policy for Rural Migrant Workers Returning Home for Entrepreneurship in China

Morag Treanor
Practical support, social support, financial support, and children’s social, emotional and behavioural (SEB) development

Harriet A Churchill, Barbara Fawcett 
Refocusing child and family social work towards earlier support and intervention: Recent policy developments and challenges in England, UK and New South Wales, Australia

Gambaro Ludovica
Regulation in early years childcare: what are the implications for workers?

A Cameron, R Lart, L Bostock & C Coomber 
Is integration the ‘burning platform’ for change? Evidence from a systematic review

Helen Dickinson, Jon Glasby, Alyson Nicholds & Stephen Jeffares 
How effective is joint commissioning? An exploration of processes, practices and outcomes in five English localities

Laura Varžinskienė 
The status of the social work profession as an agent for the implementation of social policy in Lithuania

Linda Wong 
Chinese Urban Migrants – Coping with Discrimination, Uncertainty and Failure of the Welfare State

Nick Bailey, Maria Gannon, Ade Kearns, Mark Livingston, Alastair Leyland 
Spatial segregation as policy feedback: how attitudes to redistribution and to welfare recipients depend on where you live

Ben Baumberg 
Who believes benefit claimants are fraudulent? An empirical study of the impact of newspaper readership and local benefit claim rates

Tuesday (10.45 – 12.15) 
18th July 2012 Parallel Paper Session 4          Venue / Rooom listed in Printed Programme

JRF Stream
Minimum Income Standard Symposium

Session Chair: Chris Goulden
Session 4A
Session Chair: Junko Yamashita
Session 4B
Session Chair: Kirstein Rummery
Session 4C
Session Chair: Hannah King
Chris Goulden 

Chris Goulden and Abigail Davis 
MIS 2012

David Gordon, Anne-Catherine Guio, Eric Marlier, Eldin Fahmy,
Marco Pomati, Viliami Fifita, Jonathan Bradshaw & Gill Main
Measuring Deprivation in the UK and European Union

Pete Alcock 
What is Civil Society? A critical analysis of recent political discourse in the UK.

Alan Walker and Steven Corbett
The ‘Big Society’ – A Critical Perspective

Andrew Connell 
Balancing the books or building the Kingdom: Welfare reform in Britain as a Christian project?

Rebecca Taylor, James Rees & Chris Damm 
Adding value or window dressing? The role of the third sector in contracted out employment services in the UK.

Colin Lindsay, Stephen Osbourne & Sue Bond 
‘Co-producing employability services in an era of crisis: challenges and opportunities for third sector organisations

Yuan-shie Hwang & Li-hsin Chuang 
Correlation between Community Capacity and Personal Life Quality: An Empirical Study in Taiwan

Gary Craig, Maggie O’Neill 
It’s time to move on from ‘race’

Alastair Christie 
Reproduction of ‘Race’ and Whiteness in Irish Child Care Policies

Verity Clarke 
Examining Whiteness in a Children’s Centre

Session 4D 
Session Chair: Simon Pemberton
Psychosocial Welfare Symposium Part 1
Session Chair: Shona Hunter
Postgraduate Stream
Session Chair: Ewa A. Duda-Mikulint
Session 4E
Session Chair: Nicola Moran
Gaby Ramia, Simon Marginson & Erlenawati Sawir 
Different Regulation, Similar Experiences? A Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Australia and New Zealand on International Student Welfare Determination

Adam Formby 
What role for public employment services? 
An analysis of Job-search behaviour of degree holders in the UK from 1992-2012 

Kate Yeong-Tsyr Wang & Melissa Wong 
Indigenous Employment in Urban Areas during the Global Financial Crisis: Comparisons between Australia and Taiwan

Shona Hunter & David Taylor 
Situating current debates in psychosocial welfare

David Taylor 
Being well enough with others – a psychosocial approach to wellbeing

Lorenza Antonucci
Exploring the psycho-social in social policy: the methodological implications of researching eudemonic and hedonic well-being

Daniel Sage 
Are more equal societies the most cohesive? A cross national study into income inequality and social cohesion

Neo Yu Wei 
The Contesting Narratives of Social Inclusion in Australia

Ci Chen
Exploring the Extent and Reason of Social Exclusion amongst Chinese Trainees in Japan

Emma Wincup
Welfare reform and crime control: No longer strange bedfellows

Sarah Brooks-Wilson 
Non compliant or inaccessible? How the mandatory spatial arrangements of the English Youth Justice system can support our understandings of breach and sentence escalation.

Rachel Forrester-Jones 
The right to a fair trial: reforming the courts for people with learning disabilities

Symposium: Corporate Behaviour and Public Health 
Session Chair: Kevin Farnsworth
Session 4F
Session Chair: Emiko Ochiai
Session 4G
Session Chair: Karen Fisher
Session 4I
Session Chair: Natasha Cortis
Katherine Smith 
Using Evidence to Influence Policy in an Unequal World: What can we learn from the ‘tobacco wars’?

Chris Holden & Ben Hawkins
Industry Lobbying and Alcohol Policy in England and Scotland

Ben Hawkins & Anne Roemer-Mahler 
Corporations as political actors: new perspectives for public health research

Min Young Tak 
Degrees of Choice: Choice in Residential Long-Term Care for Self-Funders and Local Authority Funded Residents
(PDF Unavailable)

Fiona Morgan
Care and inequality: a conceptual and empirical perspective on the treatment of informal care in England

Hannah Rumble, Kate Woodthorpe & Christine Valentine
State support for ‘a good send off’: funeral benefits in an unequal world

Yei-Whei Lin 
Pension politics of the rural and agricultural sector in Taiwan: Origins, evolution and implications for East Asian welfare development

Lei Zhang 
Understanding the pension reform path and dynamics in China

Dirk Hofäcker 
Does Institutional reversal of early retirement policies lead to changes in retirement planning? Evidence from German survey data

Ian Greener
Performance management in public services that works: lessons from the NHS quality and outcomes framework and from English local government

Yumika Shirase
Assuring Quality of Social Care for Older People: Comparison of Systems between the UK and Japan

Taesoo Lee 
Relations of Universalism, Publicness and Quality of Social (Welfare) Services

Tuesday (14.30 – 16.00)
18th July 2012 Parallel Paper Session 5          Venue / Rooom listed in Printed Programme

JRF Stream 
Child Poverty and Education Symposium

Session Chair: Grahame Whitfield
Session 5A
Session Chair: Ann Marie Gray
Postgraduate Stream
Session Chair: Nan Yang
Keith Kintrea
Shaped by place? Young people’s aspirations in disadvantaged neighbourhoods

Stephen Gorard
Do aspirations and attitudes matter in education? Judging causal relationships in a very large review of evidence

Liz Todd 
Raising aspirations? Why did we get it so wrong and what are we to make of them now?

Stefan Kühner 
Welfare retrenchment under Left and Right government leadership: Towards a consolidated framework of analysis?

Sophia Seung-Yoon Lee & Sang-Hoon Ahn
Explaining Korean Welfare State with New Data and Methods

Emanuele Ferragina & Martin Seeleib-Kaiser 
Recalibrating Welfare States in the OECD world? The(R)evolutionary Expansion of Family Policy

Yu Guo
A Probe into Policy Implementation: Public Pensions Provisions for Rural Migrant Workers in China

Ha-jeong Choe & Geun Hye Park
Poverty of senior citizens who live alone: the case of South Korea

Kiwako Kase 
Inclusive Community Care in Japan

Symposium: Children’s subjective well-being – measurement and links to other areas of child well-being” – PART 1 
Session Chair: Antonia Keung
Symposium: Women’s labour market participation and the evolution of childcare policies – PART 1
Session Chair: Evelyn Mahon
Psychosocial Welfare Symposium Part 2
Session Chair: David Taylor
Session 5B
Session Chair: Chack Kie Wong
Jonathan Bradshaw 
Bullying – A Key Determinant Of Child Well-Being

Gill Main,
Material Deprivation And Children’s Subjective Well- Being

Amy Clair 
Schools And Child Subjective Well-Being In England

Marjo Kuronen & Teppo Kröger
Local childcare systems and labour market integration of women

Dagmar Kutsar, Kairi Kasearu, Avo Trumm
Are inequalities created and preserved on the local level? Insights into local policy making processes

Jemimah Bailey, Caroline O’Nolan and Evelyn Mahon
Childcare policy in Ireland: equality for mothers?

Lynn Froggett 
Displacement, Community and a Political ‘Fourth Way’

Paul Hoggett 
Fairness and the Politics of Resentment

Shona Hunter 
The Jewel in the National Crown? The English NHS as an affective association, problems and prospects

Nam K Jo 
East Asian culture? Aspects of the cultural context for policy-making in Japan and Korea and their policy implications from a comparative perspective with the Western welfare state

Sirin Sung
Gender and welfare state in East Asia: Cultural perspective

Tony Hung-Yang Lin 
Resuming the March of Welfare State: The Taiwanese Case

Session 5C
Session Chair: Aniela Wenham
Session 5D
Session Chair: Ingela Naumann
Session 5E
Session Chair: Becky Tunstall
Mark Murphy
The politics of time on the front line: street level bureaucracy, professional judgement and public accountability

Sarah Woodin
Silencing People with Learning Difficulties: Participation and the Cuts in the UK

Sarah Czarnecki 
From the ‘social’ to the ‘informational’ in the Probation Service…and back again?

Dan Horsfall and Stuart Lowe
Housing: the sturdy pillar under the competition state?

Dimitri Gugushvili & Trude Sundberg
‘Race to the bottom’ in transition countries: a question of exposure to global competition and proximity to Western Europe?

Fred Powell
Social Policy in Post-Crash Ireland: the Impact of Austerity

J Warren, J Wistow, and C Bambra
Applying Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) to evaluate a public health policy initiative in the North East of England.

Jin Wook Kim & Young Jun Choi
The role of public sectors in modern welfare states: back seat to center stage?

18th July 2012- Parallel Paper Session 6          Venue / Rooom listed in Printed Programme

This session starts at 16.15 not 16.30

JRF Stream

Housing & Young People Symposium
Session Chair: Kathleen Kelly

Session 6A
Session Chair: Gyu-Jin Hwang
Session 6B
Session Chair: Adrian Sinfield
Kathleen Kelly 

David Clapham 
Young People’s Housing Pathways 

[Viewing of Short Animated Film]

Dean Sharpe 
A Young Person’s Charter on Housing

Nick Johns, Alison Green & Martin Powell
Intersectionality as a policy instrument: turning diversity inwards?

John Offer 
The idea of welfare and the study of social policy: on unitarism and pluralism

Tuukka Toivonen & Sophia Seung-Yoon Lee 
When Democracy Works Against Demographic Sustainability: The Dilemma of Powerless Young Voters in Hyper-Aging Japan and South Korea

Francesca Bastagli & John Hills 
Patterns of wealth accumulation in Great Britain: The role of house prices and the life cycle

Rebecca Tunstall
Twentieth century trends in inequalities in housing consumption: The case of housing space in England and Wales, 1911-2001

Postgraduate Stream
Session Chair: Sarah Brooks-Wilson
Symposium: Children’s subjective well-being – measurement and links to other areas of child well-being – PART 2
Session Chair: Jonathan Bradshaw
Session 6C
Session Chair: Colin Lindsay
Anupama Jacob
Countering Urban Poverty Concentration in the United States: The People versus Place Debate in Housing Policy

Kyoungjin Han 
The Main Factors behind the Expansion of Korean Welfare Programmes in the Late 20th Century 

(PDF Unavailable) 

Laura Jane Eyre 
An interpretation of localism: discourses of inequality?

Antonia Keung
Children’s Well-Being In Schools: Evidence From The Children’s Society Survey

Haridhan Goswami
Friendship Well-Being: Examining Factor Structure Of Friendship Scale For Children

Bettina Leibetseder
Old and New Activation in the Austrian Social Assistance Scheme

Anthony Rafferty & Jay Wiggan 
Labour Market Activation in a time of Economic Crisis: The case of lone parents in the UK

Alexander Goerne 
Personalisation Potential and Diversity: A novel normative and analytical framework for the comparative analysis of Active Labour Market Policies.

Symposium: Women’s labour market participation and the evolution of childcare policies – PART 2
Session Chair: Evelyn Mahon
Session 6D
Session Chair: Tsung-Hsi Fu
Psychosocial Welfare Symposium Part 3
Session Chair: Shona Hunter & David Taylor
Roberta Cucca and Stefania Sabatinelli 
Childcare provision and female participation into the labour market in Italy. The unexpected case of Bologna

Yueh-Ching Chou, Toshiko Nakano, Heng-Hao Chang and Li-Fang Liang
Parent-carers in Taiwan and Japan: lifelong caring responsibilities within a familistic welfare system

Sonia Exley
Are quasi-markets in education what the British public wants?

Ingela Naumann 
Free Schools Swedish-style? Reflections on privatization of education in an unequal society

Ying Wang 
The Differential Order of Minban Secondary School in China

John Adlam, Caroline Pelletier & Christopher Scanlon
Against social inclusion

Marianna Fotaki, Paula Hyde 
Why do institutions continue to commit to failing strategies? Counteracting splitting, idealization and blame in public policy making.

Rebecca Hutten 
Dilemmas of the trainee psychological therapist

Session 6E
Session Chair:Pete Alcock
Symposium – Inequality, diversity and difference; journeys through paid and unpaid work in the third sector
Session Chair:Rebecca Taylor
Symposium: Managing Social Change and Social Policy in China: Welfare Regimes in Transition?
Session Chair:Ka Ho Mok
Session 6F
Session Chair:Lisa O’Malley
Glen Bramley and Kirsten Besemer
Housing Affordability and Its Impact on Poverty in Europe

Beth Watts 
Rights, Stigma and Homelessness: A comparison of homelessness policy in Scotland and Ireland.

Fanyu Meng
Public Rental Housing, Goof up at China’s Housing Market?

Rebecca Taylor and Malin Arvidson 
Crossing over, staying put; career and sector boundaries in Real Times

Silke Roth
Work, volunteering and well-being in a life-course perspective 

Irene Hardill and Nick Ockenden 
Creating space for voluntary action: understanding individual journeys to unpaid voluntary work

Katie Bruce, Susan Halford and Pauline Leonard
Third Sector Careers and Working Lives: Getting In and Getting On

Ka Ho Mok 
Local Responses to Central Call: A Study of Resident Expectations and Government Strategy in Social Protection in Guangzhou, China 

Maggie Lau 
A globalizing labour market posing a dilemma for China’s leadership: How to enable rural migrants to have sustainable livelihoods

Dan Horsfall 
China’s Competition State?

Rachel MacLean, Stephen Moore
“The Land in-Between”: Experiences of anti-social behaviour victimisation of young people during the journey to school in eight European countries

Goretti Horgan 
Abortion and Social Citizenship in devolved Northern Ireland

Heejung Chung, Pia Schober 
Multi-dimensions of Gender Norms and Attitudes across Europe

19th July 2012- Parallel Paper Sessions 7          Venue / Rooom listed in Printed Programme

Session 7A
Session Chair: Sophia Seung-Yoon Lee
Session 7B
Session Chair: Zoe Irving
Session 7C
Session Chair: Yekaterina Chzhen
Session 7D
Session Chair: Dan Horsfall
Heejung Chung 
Explaining the work-family conflict for men and women-impact of policies and job demands

Pei-Yuen Tsai 
The Politics of Parental Leave Benefit Policy in Taiwan

Fen-ling Chen 
The Changing Profile of Caring Attitudes after the Financial Crisis: A Comparison of Taiwan and South Korea

Sung Hee Lee 
The Impact of Gender Politics on Socializing Care in South

Shiou-chao Wu 
A Transforming Journey through Mercy to Independence — Single Mothers’ Experiences of Learning and Doing Business Based on an NGO’s Adult Educational Network in Taiwan

Andrew McCulloch 
Cohort Variations in the Membership of Voluntary Organisations in Great Britain, 1991 – 2007

Rys Farthing
Involving young people in developing anti-poverty policy

Kris Southby 
Social inclusion through football fandom: opportunities and constraints for people with learning disabilities

Session 7E 
Session Chair: Tuukka Toivonnen
Session 7F 
Session Chair: Fengping Zhao
Session 7G
Session Chair: Nick Ellison
Session 7H
Session Chair: Tony Hung-Yang Lin
Beth Carley, Yasminah Beebeejaun & Liz Richardson 
Building communities or new inequalities? A New East Manchester case study of housing and community regeneration.

Sarah Dubberley & Odette Parry 
Social Capital, Young People and the Secure Estate

John Hudson & Anahely Medrano
Nation State-Global City Tensions in Social Policy: the Case of Mexico City’s ‘Battle of Independence’

Hung-Jeng Tsai 
The Global/Regional Impacts on the Transformation of Welfare Regime in Taiwan

Annie McEwen
Beyond Child Poverty: Following the Evidence to a Multidimensional Policy Approach to Childhood Disadvantage

Şebnem Eroğlu-Hawksworth
Is Income Diversification an Escape Route out of Poverty? A Case Study of Turkish Gecekondu Households

KoreaMilena Buchs, Sylke V. Schnepf, Nicholas Bardsley 
Who emits most? Analysing inequalities in UK household CO2 emissions and potential distributional effects of climate policies

Alison Koslowski, Maria Teresa De Haro 
Fuel Poverty and High Rise Living: Using community-based interviewers to investigate tenants’ inability to keep warm in their homes

Wednesday (10.15 – 11.45)
19th July 2012 Parallel Paper Session 8          Venue / Rooom listed in Printed Programme

JRF Stream
Forced Labour in the UK: the evidence base Symposium

Session Chair: Louise Woodruff
Session 8A
Session Chair: Kevin Farnsworth
Session 8B
Session Chair: Nam Jo
Session 8C
Session Chair: Linda Wong
Louise Woodruff 
Definitions of forced labour & underlying causes of forced labour

Sam Scott 
What we know about forced labour in the UK

Peter Dwyer 
Precarious lives: understanding asylum seekers and refugees’ experiences of forced labour in the UK.

Brigid Featherstone 
Working in partnership in an unequal world: Some chance!

Karen R Fisher, Xiaoyuan Shang & Jing Li 
Accountability of Child Welfare Service Organizations in China

Lorraine Kerr & Ed Carson 
The Australian Northern Territory Emergency Response: Protecting indigenous children or further entrenching disadvantage

Kirsten Rummery & Michael Fine
Care: a critical review of theory, policy and practice

Xiaoyuan Shang & Karen R Fisher 
Change of Care Regimes and Its Influence on Senior Women in Rural China

Tom Vickers, Gary Craig & Karl Atkin 
Addressing ethnicity in social care research

Ioana Ramia 
The Paradox of Subjective Well-Being and Higher Education Addressing Conceptual Biases in Measures of Subjective Well-Being 

Kepa Artaraz 
Postneoliberal social policy and its meaning for the promotion of wellbeing: Lessons from Bolivia 

Chack Kie Wong, Vivian Weiqun Lou & Ji-kang Chen 
Welfare State and Life Satisfaction: Subjective Indicators Matter More and Lessons for the East Asian Welfare States

Poverty as Inequality: Measurement, Interventions, and Future Directions in the United States Symposium
Session Chair:Anupama Jacob
Postgraduate Stream
Session Chair:Lorenza Antonucci
Energy and climate change in an unequal world Symposium
Session Chair:Carolyn Snell
Session 8D
Session Chair:Seong Young Lee
Anupama Jacob 
Poverty In Advanced Industrial Societies: Concepts, Measures, And Responses

Phyllis Jeroslow 
The Earned Income Tax Credit As An Anti-Poverty Measure: Palliative Or Cure?

Mary Caplan
Addressing Inequality Marketplace

Liz Thackray
“Support and Aspiration”: the costs and benefits of changing the Special Needs System.

Laura Ann Wiffen 
“Why would anyone volunteer (…) with a convicted sex offender?” Volunteering with the ‘undeserving’ in the Big Society.

Mizuho Ozaki 
Japan’s Work-Life Balance Policies

L. Probert, D. Loveday and V. Haines 
The Warm Homes and Energy Conservation Act 2000: Exploring the foundations of English

P. Catney, A. Dobson, S. Hall, S. Hards, S. MacGregor, M. Ormerod, Z. Robinson, and S. Ross. 
Community Knowledge Networks: a new approach to energy and equity

Carolyn Snell. 
The Green Deal: energy efficient and fair?

Boram Hong
Inequality approached from the Perspective of Identity Establishment Policy: Governmental Role for the Practically Effective Social Norms in the Enactment of Development Plans of “New-Village” Projects

Chenxi Huang 
Migration, vulnerability and social protection: why the floating population in China are more likely to be excluded from social security programs
 Shih-Jiunn Shi 
From Economic to Social Decentralisation: Exploring the ‘Competitive Solidarity’ of Regional Social Protection in China