Academy of Social Sciences: Call for SPA nominations for new Fellows

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Message to SPA members from Professor Ann Marie Gray, Chair of the Social Policy Association


The SPA is a member of the Academy of Social Sciences (AcSS). In recent years we have successfully nominated a number of SPA members to become Fellows of the Academy. This is a mark of distinction and denotes an outstanding contribution to the study and/or practice of social policy. The SPA can make up to 10 nominations per year.  We have now been invited to submit nominations for the next round of selection of new Fellows.

The key criteria are that Fellows should be: ‘leading figures’ in their field who have already ‘left a clear mark on it’ which ‘has furthered social science’.  Fellows do not need to be in academic roles but please read the details on the AcSS website for further information on the criteria for ‘Suitable Nominees’: (see p.4/5) before proposing someone as the Academy dislikes ‘premature’ applications and ‘prefers nominations to be delayed until the nominee has a firmly established reputation’.

The SPA particularly welcomes nominations of members traditionally under-represented in Social Policy.

Please note that self-nominations are not possible at any stage in the process, to either the SPA or AcSS though proposers should ensure that nominees are happy to be proposed.

At this stage, all we need from proposers is:

  • contact details for Nominee
  • short CV of Nominee (no more than 4 pages)
  • brief outline of case (no more than 2 pages outlining academic excellence and contribution to social science)
  • your name(s) and contact details as the Proposer(s).


All proposed SPA nominees will be considered by the SPA Executive. For those supported, a full application (in AcSS format) will then be finalised in discussion with the proposer(s).

Deadline for names to SPA: Friday 24th November 17.00. Please send to myself as Chair of the Social Policy Association ( and please do contact me if you have any questions.


Best wishes

Ann Marie



Ann Marie Gray

Professor of Social Policy

Chair of the Social Policy Association

Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences